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Boosting Home Value: How Window Styles Make A Huge Difference

Window Styles Opens Up A New World Of Home Aesthetics

Greater Midwest Exteriors is a place where you can change the look of your home in unlimited ways. Our dedicated services are crafted not just to beautify your space but to elevate your home into a realm of comfort, style, and modern functionality that epitomizes the essence of Midwest living. We specialize in replacing and fixing windows, making the outside of your home look and work better. Explore our window services and be inspired by our reviews. Discover our journey on our page, and for any inquiries, reach out at (630) 463-7663. Got questions? Find answers in our FAQ section. Embark on a transformative journey towards a visually appealing and energy-efficient home with us. Your dream dwelling is just a call or click away with Greater Midwest Exteriors.

Choosing The Right Window Styles

The endeavor of window replacement transcends mere aesthetic upgrades; it embodies a pursuit towards amplified curb appeal, augmented home value, and a transition to eco-conscious living through energy efficiency. 

The magic of the perfect window style lies at the heart of a successful window replacement project. Greater Midwest Exteriors boasts an expansive portfolio of window styles, ensuring a match for every unique architectural design and individual preference. From the timeless grace of double-hung windows to the modern elegance of casement windows, their selection caters to a broad spectrum of tastes, delivering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Understanding Your Home's Architecture

When it comes to selecting the ideal window style, it’s crucial to start with an appreciation of your home’s architectural design. We know that “Window Styles” and “Home Value” are at the forefront of your concerns, so let’s delve into the specifics.


  • Harmonizing With Architectural Styles

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious look, consider your home’s architectural style. For instance, if you own a colonial-style home, complement it with double-hung windows adorned with decorative muntins. These windows seamlessly blend with the traditional appeal of colonial architecture, enhancing your property’s overall allure.


  • Modern Vs. Traditional: Finding The Balance

The choice between modern and traditional window styles can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal and value. For contemporary homes, sleek and minimalist designs such as casement windows can accentuate the modern vibe, while traditional homes may benefit from the timeless charm of bay windows.

Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

Our expertise at Elite Exteriors goes beyond aesthetics; we’re also passionate about energy efficiency and sustainability. Your home’s energy efficiency plays a vital role in “Energy Efficiency” and “Sustainable Materials.” Let’s dive into the intricacies:


  • Energy-Efficient Window Styles

Investing in energy-efficient window styles not only reduces your utility bills but also increases your home’s value. Opt for options like double-glazed windows with low-E coatings to keep your indoor spaces comfortable year-round while minimizing your carbon footprint.


  • Sustainable Materials And Features

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a value-added proposition for your home. Consider window materials like fiberglass or recycled wood that not only provide durability but also align with environmentally conscious choices, adding a unique edge to your property.

Modern living space with wooden window frames. High-quality window installation for your residential space.
Modern Window Designs

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Your home’s first impression matters, and windows play a pivotal role in “Curb Appeal” and “Window Design Options.” Let’s explore how window styles can transform your exterior:

The Visual Impact Of Window Styles

Windows, often considered the eyes of a house, hold the power to captivate onlookers, enhance curb appeal, and elevate your property’s charm. Join us as we uncover the artistry behind window size, placement, and customization, unlocking the secrets to making your house a visual masterpiece.

  • Window Size And Placement

Carefully planned window size and placement can alter the perception of your home’s facade. Picture large, strategically placed picture windows that frame your scenic backyard or a charming bay window that creates an inviting nook. These design choices captivate the eye and boost your home’s curb appeal.

  • Customization And Design Options

At Elite Exteriors, we understand the importance of personalization. Custom window designs tailored to your preferences can create a distinctive exterior that sets your home apart. From unique grille patterns to specialty shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Boosting Exterior Aesthetics

Your home’s exterior is its first impression, a reflection of your style and personality. Enhancing its aesthetics not only adds curb appeal but also increases your property’s value. At Elite Exteriors, we specialize in transforming your home’s facade into a work of art.


  • Coordinating With Exterior Finishes

Achieving a cohesive look requires attention to detail. Your choice of window styles should harmonize with your home’s exterior finishes. Whether it’s matching the window trim to your siding color or selecting hardware that complements your architectural elements, these decisions elevate your home’s overall aesthetics.


  • Adding Character With Window Styles

Your home should be an extension of your personality. Express your style with window styles that add character and charm. Think about arched windows for a touch of romance or awning windows to evoke a playful, modern vibe. It’s these thoughtful touches that leave a lasting impression.


Stay tuned for the next part of our journey, where we’ll delve into how the right window styles can improve your interior comfort, increase natural light, and create functional living spaces. At Elite Exteriors, we’re committed to turning your house into the home of your dreams, all while boosting its market value.



At Greater Midwest Exteriors, your home’s aesthetic and functional transformation is our mission. Our window replacement and repair services promise a blend of aesthetic charm and energy efficiency. Check our reviews for client satisfaction testimonials. Ready to transform your house? Please contact our team at (630) 463-7663 or through our Contact Us page. Dive deeper into our window services. Your journey towards a beautiful, comfortable home begins with Greater Midwest Exteriors, where every project is a step towards achieving your dream home. Unveil the potential of your house with the expertise and dedication of Greater Midwest Exteriors.

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