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Underdeck Protection in Metro Chicago, IL

Inside Out Underdeck Protection System

Take the indoors out and expand living space with the Inside Out Underdecking Protection System. Inside Out creates a dry and finished look to the underside of the deck. No more visual clutter from exposed nails and dirty deck boards overhead.

A color palette that includes five distinctive painted wood finishes and eight rich matte finishes to complement any project.

Maintenance free deck ceiling – all weather aluminum system is leak and warp resistant. No need to repaint.

Lifetime warranty on material, fade and leak when installed by a certified dealer.

underdeck protection system in metro chicago

Dry & Beautiful Space Under a Deck

Inside Out underdecking channels the water down from the upper deck and away from the home, keeping the area below the deck dry and enjoyable for outdoor living.

The specially designed panels and deep-water brackets have been designed to handle even heavy rainfall.

Q800 TuffTech™ Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance, specially annealed aluminum alloy.

2021 Outdoor Planning Guide

Inside Out Underdecking was a 2021 Qualified Remodeler Magazine pick for outdoor living products to consider. The annual Outdoor Planning Guide features new outdoor living research findings, the latest design trends and a buyer’s guide for the top outdoor living products

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space with a Finished Underdeck Ceiling

Explore the Inside Out color palette that includes distinctive painted wood colors chosen for their unique species and grain, and rich matte solid colors chosen for their visual temperatures and rich hues.

Click to view larger color. View our Product Catalog for complete color availability.


Click to view larger color. View our Product Catalog for complete color availability.


Ready to Start Your Project?

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