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The fascia (also referred to as the ‘roofline’) is the long, horizontal straight board that runs around the edge of your roof. It is commonly referred to with its cousin the ‘soffit’ but they both serve different functions to your roof.

Choosing the right fascia for your roof is important as it is there for aesthetic and practical purposes. Appearance wise, it acts as a physical barrier by covering the rafters rather than exposing them openly which is generally unattractive.

It helps prevent water and debris into the roof.

There are two common types of fascia materials:

Wooden Fascia

Wood is the most common and popular choice for a fascia. Wood can be painted on, and you can choose the colour you prefer.

Although it is the environmentally friendly option, wood is a natural material, therefore it requires maintenance such as repainting after it fades and peels off. It will rot over time if it is exposed to water and the weather is something no one can control. Prior to installing the fascia, it needs to be primed.

uPVC Fascia

A popular alternative to the traditional wooden option because of its affordability, durability and quality. It is convenient as it requires no maintenance after installation, saving you time and money.

It does not rot and aesthetically you are offered more choice as they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

However, a downside is that whilst the durability is excellent, its color can fade over time due to exposure to the sun’s UV lights.

For pragmatic purposes, when deciding on the fascia, bear in mind that the guttering is attached to it. Ensure that the material is robust because it will need to be able to endure the weight of the guttering (which carries water) and Chicago is prone to heavy rainfall every now and then!

What the coronavirus has shown us is that our home is our sanctuary and so we want to feel good living in it. The preservation of your property starts with your roof, and the fascia is one of the many components to sustain it.

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