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Hail Storm Damage to Your Home?

Let G.M.E.’S Hail Storm Experts Take Care Of You.

Immediate Hail Storm Inspection & Repairs. We Move Fast. The day you call G.M.E.’s Hail Storm Repair Experts is the day we get started repairing your roof, siding, windows or gutters.

How Fast?

  • G.M.E.’s Hail Storm Experts inspect, repair or replace your siding or windows in as little as 14 days.
  • G.M.E.’s Hail Storm Experts inspect, repair or replace your roof or gutters in as little as 20 days.

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Let us help you with the storm damage to your home today!

Talk to a G.M.E. Hail Storm Expert today and get your residential or commercial building’s roof, siding, windows, and gutters repaired in just days.

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With the Spring season approaching, it’s important to keep in mind the seasonal changes that accompany this time of year. Homeowners in the Midwest region will have to be on the lookout for rainfall and hailstorm activity, which peaks from March through May. Getting your roofing fixed after extreme hail damage can be a challenge for many homeowners. Greater Midwest Exteriors has the required experience to help.

Need Inspecting Today?

If you have recently experienced damage to your house caused by hail, wind, or rain, you’ve come to the right place. Greater Midwest Exteriors will walk you through the entire process of getting all aspects of your home inspected, repaired, or replaced. Our experts handle everything from contacting your insurance provider to external vendor purchases, installation efforts, and more.

Our certified roofing experts can inspect existing damage from recent hail occurrences or review options with you to help strengthen the durability of your roof. We can install, repair, and replace all facets of roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and more.

Your roof can experience severe damage when hail measures 1.5 inches or greater in diameter. Large chunks of hail often resemble golf balls; that size of hail can really take a toll on the exterior of homes. Recently, some of our clients experienced hail the size of baseballs!

Contact Greater Midwest Exteriors today for inspections, quotes, and more. Our office is available during regular business hours to answer any questions you have about services, financing, and more.

How Does Hail Form?

Hail occurs when the upward-moving air in a thunderstorm reaches freezing temperatures in the atmosphere. The frozen droplets will begin to slowly accumulate into one large mass. If the outer coating of hailstones isn’t completely frozen, they can grow even further.

It is essential to monitor weather reports and updates in your area during hailstorm warnings. Modern weather systems are much more effective at detecting hail size and movement than rain due to their higher reflectivity on the Doppler radar. This is especially important during the Spring months when the hail activity is higher than in other seasons.

Need help with a roofing assessment after storm damage? Contact us for a free quoteCall 630-GME-ROOF Click to call 630-463-7663 today.

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