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Building maintenance is one of the many responsibilities of owning a commercial property. It’s important to keep your building and roof in good condition so you can focus on your business’ success, not structural issues.

When it’s time to schedule commercial roofing services in Chicagoland, look no further than Greater Midwest Exteriors. We have become the preferred exterior service provider across the Chicagoland region, and we’d be happy to provide you and your business with top-quality flat roof installation, replacement, or repair backed by over 20 years of industry experience.

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Benefits of Flat Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Flat roofs have been used on homes and businesses since ancient times. While residences in many regions have shifted to sloped roofs, here’s a look at why most commercial buildings still have flat roofs:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of constructing a high-quality pitched roof is substantially greater than a high-quality flat one.
  • Longevity: Flat roofs come in many varieties. Selecting superior materials that ensure proper drainage is the key to installing a roof that will last. Working with an expert flat roof installer like GME is the key to accomplishing both goals.
  • Functional roof space: HVAC and ventilation systems are traditionally installed on flat commercial roofs. You can also convert the area into a rooftop garden, patio space, or solar panel array.
  • Ease of future building expansions: A flat roof offers architects a much easier starting point to expand the building, either upward or outward. This means less expense and a better return on investment when selling or renting the property later on.

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APOC Commercial Flat Roof Installation & Replacement

GME offers superior commercial flat roof restoration systems from APOC. Our goal is to supply business owners and property managers in the Chicagoland area with a roof that will stand the test of time. With years of experience behind us, you can trust our team to repair or replace your roof with speed and precision.

Flat roofs are pitched slightly to drain rainwater toward a gutter, thus preventing water from standing on the roof and causing leaks. There are three primary types of commercial flat roofs installed today:

  • Single-ply membrane roofs are the newest roofing technology made with synthetic rubber. They are installed as thin sheets applied to the roof in a single layer. The flexible rubber material can handle temperature changes and impacts better than built-in roofs.
  • Modified bitumen roofs combine proven built-up roof technology with polymer reinforcement for added elasticity and flexibility at lower temperatures.
  • Built-up roofs are the oldest form of flat roofs still in use today. They consist of several layers of roofing felt embedded in bitumen and hot-applied asphalt or coal tar pitch. A final surface of crushed stone is typically applied to protect the built-up roof from UV rays and weather.

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Why Choose Greater Midwest Exteriors for Commercial Flat Roof Installation?

GME is proud to be a one-stop shop for commercial roofing services in the Chicagoland area. When you choose us, you can expect your project to begin with upfront, competitive pricing. Our technicians draw on years of training and experience to deliver a job well done. Everything we do is backed by industry-leading, 10-year workmanship warranties, with your satisfaction guaranteed!

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