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If you need insulation services for your Chicagoland-area home, Greater Midwest Exteriors is the team you need. Our insulation services are second to none, offering the highest quality insulation materials available to help keep your home protected from the outdoor elements. Whether you’re seeking attic, interior wall, exterior wall, basement, or ceiling retrofit or reinsulation, we have the tools and experience needed to get the job done right.

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Blown-In Insulation for Chicagoland Homes

One of the most popular types of insulation, our blown-in insulation solutions are installed with our state-of-the-art blowing machine. Capable of filling even the smallest cracks, blown-in insulation offers unbeatable thermal protection and noise insulation.

Available in both fiberglass and cellulose, our blown-in reinsulation and retrofit solutions offer exceptional protection for Chicagoland families.

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Our Chicagoland-Area Insulation Services

At Greater Midwest Exteriors, our insulation installation experts offer the comprehensive solutions that Chicago families need to keep their homes comfortable and maximize energy efficiency.

Even the hardest-to-reach, most hidden areas of your home need insulation, including:

  • Attic insulation: Allow our team to insulate your attic so you can prevent heat loss during the harsh Chicagoland winters.
  • Interior wall insulation: If you’re reinsulating your existing space during a remodel, our team can insulate your interior walls to reduce noise transfer and temperature fluctuations between rooms.
  • Exterior wall insulation: Our exterior wall insulation services offer the perfect solution for those seeking to strengthen the barrier between indoor comfort and the outdoor temperature.
  • Basement insulation: From finished basements to unfinished spaces, our team can provide quality insulation installation to prevent unwanted thermal transfer.
  • Ceiling insulation: Ceiling insulation offers the exceptional protection your home needs to prevent condensation that can lead to mold growth.

Trust the team at Greater Midwest Exteriors to provide the superior insulation solutions you deserve for all areas of your home. Call 630-463-7663 to schedule insulation services in Chicagoland today!

Where To Install Insulation in Your Chicagoland Home

When it comes to handling your home’s insulation, Greater Midwest Exteriors has you covered. Our insulation experts offer installation solutions for all the essential areas of your home, including: 

Interior & Exterior Walls 

While your exterior walls face more outdoor elements, properly insulating your interior walls is equally important. Not only does interior and exterior wall insulation help increase indoor comfort, but it also strengthens soundproofing. Our interior and exterior wall insulation will allow you to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home. 


Poor basement insulation opens your home to outdoor temperatures, wreaking havoc on your energy efficiency. Our professional basement insulation solutions will help cut energy costs dramatically for your home. We offer blown-in fiberglass basement and crawl space insulation to help protect the hardest-to-reach areas in your home. 


A well-insulated ceiling is one of the first lines of defense against unwanted thermal transfer. We offer both batts and blown-in fiberglass solutions; our ceiling insulation experts are here to help protect the most vulnerable areas of your home. 


Improperly insulated attics are one of the biggest reasons for winter heat loss in Chicago homes. Whether your attic insulation’s R-value has depleted or you’re protecting a newly built home, Greater Midwest Exteriors can help. Trust our attic insulation specialists to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. 

Greater Midwest Exteriors offers top-quality insulation solutions no matter where you need insulation installed. Call 630-463-7663 to contact us online today! 

Benefits of Proper Insulation

Having a professional reinsulate your home provides many benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy bills: With improved insulation, your attic won’t allow heated or conditioned air to escape from your home as easily, resulting in lowered energy expenses.
  • Increased energy efficiency: With well-insulated walls and ceilings, the conditioned air and heat will stay in your home, so your HVAC systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain indoor comfort, allowing them to operate more efficiently.
  • Enhanced home comfort: Thanks to stronger insulation, you’ll enjoy improved home comfort overall.
  • Decreased noise level: Insulation helps reduce noise pollution from outside, giving you the peace and quiet your Chicagoland home deserves.
  • Improved air quality: With no way for outdoor air pollutants to seep into your home, your insulation will also help improve your indoor air quality.

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For more than 20 years, our team has delivered the highest quality home insulation solutions to Chicagoland families. Customers know that when they select our team for attic, basement, wall, or ceiling insulation services, they’ll always enjoy:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Upfront, honest pricing for all insulation estimates
  • Service from continuously trained insulation professionals
  • Industry-leading extended warranties for added peace of mind
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured service technicians

Your home deserves the strongest protection against outdoor elements. Ensure you receive exactly that by trusting Greater Midwest Exteriors with your attic insulation needs. Call 630-463-7663 to schedule an estimate today!

Insulation FAQ

Can I add new insulation on top of existing insulation?

Adding insulation is a great way to improve energy efficiency, but you can only add to the insulation you currently have if it’s in good condition. If your insulation is moldy, wet, or damaged by fire, you will need a professional to remove it before reinsulating the space.

Can attic insulation prevent frozen gutters?

Attic insulation helps snow melt evenly during the freezing winter temperatures. Without it, ice can easily build up in your gutters, causing serious structural damage to your home. It’s important to have strong attic insulation in place to provide a long-term solution for fighting against the brutal cold.

Why should I insulate my basement?

Whether you use your basement as a living space or storage area, having proper insulation installed will protect your home from unwanted thermal transfer that can disrupt your indoor comfort and drive-up energy expenses.

What is the best type of insulation for my attic?

Our blown-in attic insulation offers superior protection for Chicagoland-area homes. However, the type of insulation that will work best for your attic depends on several factors.

Our insulation installation team will work with you and suggest the best insulation material for your attic based on the exact location where your insulation will be installed, what goals you have for your project, and your budget.

What R-value does attic insulation need?

While most attics require an R-value of 38, Chicagoland’s colder climate demands a higher R-value of around R-49 to provide the level of protection your family needs.

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