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How to Clean Your Gutters

It’s not just children who hate doing chores. Even as adults, household chores are something one never warms to. Cleaning the gutters is a grown up’s task due to the safety precautions and it isn’t glamorous by any standards. But it’s an errand that can’t be ignored.

The gutters are integral to your property’s overall structure (not just your roof) as it guides rainwater away from. However, they can become clogged from debris and leaves which can block the flow of water, causing water to spill from the sides and potentially damage the fascia.

Clogged up debris and leaves, overspills and plant growth are undeniable signs that it’s time to give your gutters a good clean! Fortunately, this chore, though it may be inconvenient, is straightforward to perform. Here is our guide on how to clean your gutters.

Your safety comes first 

This is a task that involves a ladder. Secure the ladder on a level surface and don’t do this on a windy day. Have someone hold the ladder at the bottom – you can never be too safe.

When you’re cleaning, it may be tempting to stretch over and reach over the gutters. It is best practice to go down the ladder and move it. It’s inconvenient and takes longer, but there is no price on safety.

Have the right equipment 

This is a messy job! So, it’s not recommended for you to wear your best clothes. Remember to wear rubber gloves.

Take an empty bucket (home equipment like a sand bucket will do) or a plastic bag to fill it up with the debris and muck you collect from up there. Use a brush or a scooper to remove the debris and leaves.

After you’ve physically removed all the chunks of debris and leaves, finish it off with a hose to remove any stubborn debris and remaining leaves. You will also see if the water flows freely or whether there are any blockages.

Assess the condition of your gutters 

This is also an opportunity to see if there are any leaks on the gutters and determine if any specific brackets need replacing. If you do spot something, no matter how small, it’s advisable to address it then and possibly stop something from getting worse in the future.

You’re recommended to clean your gutters twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall, or especially after a storm and heavy rainfall. This chore is hardly something to write home about but it is necessary. It’s satisfactory once completed and one thing to cross off your to do list!

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