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A hailstorm is loud, thunderous, and unfortunate if you’re caught up in one without an umbrella, but few people appreciate the slow and long-term damage it can do to your roof.

Luckily in Chicagoland, hailstorms are rare but not unusual. Damage can be done from just one occurrence, read on for our fool-proof, simple steps you can do to look out for damage and prevent roof impairment from hailstorms.

How hail can damage your roof

Logically it might seem that visible damage to your roof would’ve happened in the immediate aftermath of a hailstorm. This is a misconception; roof impairment from a hailstorm happens over time which can be costly in the long term.

The force of the hail can cause dents to the shingles and granules on your roof. It would mean water can seep through it, weakening the roof’s overall structure, strength, and sturdiness. Temperature from the sun and its UV lights can dwindle on the loose shingles and granules and make it brittle.

All of this risks a buildup of mold and algae, making the overall make-up of the roof vulnerable, which can eventually cause leaks from your rooftops.

How to prevent damage to your roof after a hailstorm

After the hailstorm has passed, it is sensible to inspect your roof immediately to detect any impact damage right then and there. What may look like trivial, insignificant damage to the shingles or a minor dent, can be snowballed into a huge problem in the future.

When inspecting, be on the lookout for any missing granules that may have blown off in the storm or any dents in the shingles as these are a sure sign of a damaged roof.

These minute impairments can be missed by an untrained eye. At GM Exteriors, we provide a detailed report on all of the damage to your home and roof. You can claim your no-cost inspection by clicking here.

A hailstorm is an intriguing weather phenomenon, and rare in Chicagoland, but appreciating the potential consequences it can have on your roof, and taking action to fix it as soon as possible will save you money and headache in the long term.

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